Reed Switch Information. Features • Small size • SMT-compatible • Easily formed leads • Sputtered ruthenium contacts • Hermetically sealed contacts • Fast switching speed — up to 500Hz • Wide range of available magnetic sensitivities Compact and Light The reed switch can be mounted in a very limited space; it is ideal for use in miniatured equipment. Hermetically Sealed The switching elements of the reed switch are hermetically sealed in an inert gas atmosphere, so that they are never exposed to the external environment. Long Life The reed switch employs no sliding parts, so there is no fatigue related to degradation in the quality of the materials used, ensuring a virtually unlimited mechanical life. High Speed Operation Every movable element has a very low mass resulting in a high speed of operation. This enables the reed switch to be used as an interface to a transistor or integrated circuit.

Horizontal Actuation
Transverse Actuation